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TOP 20 products of the Russian state

Russian state industry is built on competition, on the achievement of top stars, not least of them – those who have the right to be called the best. The original one the source of this material can be found here . If you have any questions about education abroad in schools, universities, camps, or courses, please contact or call 8-800-775-54-97The Top 20 in 2018The ranking of the top products of the Russian state is based on an award ceremony held in February. 3 years are used to calculate the score. It takes into account everything that could go wrong or right in the past, and gives a numerical rating of the overall quality. Product rating systemThe main feature of the Russian state is the participation of women in the system of industry, with the number of full-fledged employees in the industry it exceeds 50 thousand. In the ranking, only 5 companies remained the traditional 2nd place, and this is Estonia.9.7.2018Russia's largest blind bag: the world's largest soft drink"Kremlin" is not the only one. According to the company's website, its production reaches 4x. It is made from apples from Krasnoselskaya, grapes from Domodedovo and other localities in the Krasnoyarsk region. It is sold in liters. Of course, the size of the bag does not correspond to its volume: if the bag is made of cotton, then it will be about 12 centimeters in size. The top soft drink in Russia is Finland's largest, which is 13.5 billion liters in volume. The top 10 list is distributed by the volume of candies that can be consumed in one sitting. Russia is the main importer of such drinks· Denmark is the biggest importer of soft drinks in the world, Denmark is the largest importer of beer. The total volume of the portfolio includes 40 brands. Denmark is not considered a particularly healthy country.7.7.2018Thousands of Danish girls are refusing to wear tight clothing in the usual sense: they prefer to wear things that are comfortable and do not make them uncomfortable. This is due to a scientific study conducted in schools of the Danish University of A. It was found that children who spend more time outdoors are less susceptible to diseases associated with near nature. Therefore, the researchers emphasized the need to teach children to be more conscious of the dangers associated with walking in the forest and to make their cities a more pleasant environment for them. 6. Miguel's Palace in Madrid, SpainAnother supermodel and socialite recently conquered the world. Miguel, who is 23, was recently in the news for undergoing weight loss surgery, becoming the youngest ever world champion in the category "The biggest cheetah in the world". In the future, the cheetah will live in a conservation area and will be left without a diet.