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10 most dangerous roads in the world: right to drive!

Driving is a great way to explore the world and enjoy the simplicity of nature. But it can also be a dangerous activity, and some roads are more dangerous than others. Our rating includes the 10 highest roads. The original source of this material can be found here . For questions about education abroad in schools, universities, camps, courses, please contact us at or by phone 8-800-775-54-97AlgeriaThe 13th route according to the ICD is named after the official road safety organization that ensures the safety of drivers on the road. It starts in the small town of Tatiflis in the eastern part of the province of Algeria. It ends at the Marrakech highway with a speed limit of 70 km per day. It is 13 km wide and has a surface area of almost 9 sq. m. km. The 13th place is not included in the rating because of the extremely large number of accidents reported annually in this area. It is studded with concrete barriers with high walls, which must be installed at all times. Otherwise, the road can be totally blocked and you will not be able to drive. It is dangerous because of the dangerous gradient, and the number of accidents is particularly high here. SwitzerlandThe highway network consists of 23 major highways. They have speed limits of 70-90 km per hour. There are many gas stations, eateries, cafes along the way, and throughout the highway there are several bridges that provide access to the outside world. There are also many forests in the Morizel area, which are negatively affected by logging. There are many waterfalls here. BahamasThe highway from the coast of South America runs from the Atlantic Ocean to the coast of the United States . It is located in the municipality of Wynants in the Atlantic Ocean. The highway is 3.5 km long. There are no bridges here, there is only a single access point from the mainland to the highway on the island. Here there are rugged roads, fast traffic, frequent road accidents. There are no suitable areas in the Atlantic Ocean for sailing. Even shallow sea crossings are dangerous because of the roughness of the coastline and the number of rocks that need to be lifted. The highway is designed for light trucks and SUVs. It is considered the best in the world in this area. It is strongly encouraged to travel here by tour operators. AlgeriaThe 13th route according to the ICD is named after Brigitte Bardot, the wife of former Prime Minister Jean. It starts in the small town of Tanta in the Diffa region and ends in the city of Chefchaouen. The 13th place is not included in the rating due to the high level of road traffic accidents. According to statistics, one person is killed and 567 are injured on Algerian roads and highways every day. There